Thursday, October 16, 2008

Reggae Band Comes to Duckpond Coffee

The other day, just as I was closing up shop for the day, a van hauling a trailer pulls up. First one guy gets out, then another, then another. The back doors whip open and, circus like, people just start piling out. Within seconds I had a full eight piece reggae band surrounding the coffee cart buying up whatever was left in sight. We were being invaded by The Alchemystics, a ska band from Amherst, Massachuesettes who were on their way to play with Granola Funk at Stella Blue in Asheville. Turns out, the only reason they came into the shop was The Brown Bean Coffee sign caught their eye. They had been buying it online for years. I had a great time hanging out with them, and they said they might be up for playing a Duckpond show sometime in the future....if we double the size of the deck that is. Check 'em out at
Better yet, here's a nice clip from one of their shows.

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